Wednesday, October 16, 2013

quick write: would you save a cat? or a picture worth millions?

I could argue for both sides; I would pick the cat because it's innocent and has just as much of a right as any other cat to live, I would pick the Painting because it's valuable, and if the economy falls, I want to have  more options for looting museum pieces. But at the end of the day, I think I would pick the painting. I know that makes me heartless, but cats die everyday, whether it be accidental, old-age, or killed, But a one-of-a-kind painting... that's precious, unique, nobody will EVER create a painting that exact same way with that exact same style ever again if it's destroyed. I would rather preserve humanity, society and culture than a feline that will be replaced by another feline in a few years. Life doesn't last forever, but creative ideas, thoughts, opinions, and expressions through art and media, last for ages. That doesn't mean I see life as insignificant, quite the opposite; I just see an art-piece that could affect the minds of hundreds-of thousands as more important than a cat who might change the heart of one homeless man.


  1. I agree a cat may be a living creature but a painting holds memories and memories are much more important than a cat besides I don`t like cats so Yeah save the painting.

  2. I'd have to say that I agree. If the living creature was a human and not a feline, the choice would be extremely obvious. However, a cat is nice, and perhaps enjoyable to have around, but as a soulless animal, it's not irreplaceable. I like your answer; it is well thought out despite the obvious time constraints. Nice job.