Monday, October 21, 2013

Character I-phone Apps Description

Twilight vision: An app that allows Anton to harness the powers of the Twilight and allows him to see through it, without draining his life-force or energy.

Black market arms: This app allows Anton to contact the Russian Mafia's black market so that he can gain access to their equipment while he's too far away from the heart of Russia.

Urban Legend Wiki: This will help Anton tell the difference between fact and fiction when confronting Werewolves, Vampires, and even Witches!

Blueprints for I-phone: This lets Anton access the blue prints of any Museum, Bank, Hotel, or Warehouse in Russia. This will help him find out where the Security guards, Video surveillance cameras, and Security systems are stationed.

White Guard: This app allows Anton to access all of White's Guards albums, Songs, and Live concerts.

Work Email: Pretty Self-Explanatory, this app allows the user to access their Work emails or to access the emails on their Gmail with key-words like "work, job, business Etc."

I-counter: Allows the user to see how much of the Twilight has been channeled through the person.

Other Database: This allows Anton to see which others are listed through the night or day watch and allows him to see what alignment his fellow others are across the globe.

Vampirc Records: This allows Anton to see which vampire are licensed and which ones aren't so he can more effectively do his job.

GPS: Self-Explanitory, this app allows the use to have a map of Russia and allows him to find directions to public-access buildings, memorials, and even hotels.

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