Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Robot Slave

What would my robot servant be like?

My robot slave would have a 40" plasma screen T.V attached to the face of it. On this face, the robot would have a wireless hookup connected to Youtube, Daily-motion, and The Pirate Bay. This is so I can watch as much wrestling as possible when i'm bored. The robot would also Have X-ray vision coming out of it's wireless antenna, so I could spy on my neighbors :3 . My robot would also be able to carry over 4 tons and be able to fly so that he could take me for rides all over the world. My robot would also have no A.I capacity because I'm afraid it might become sentient and take over the world. The robot would be voice-operated by me and only me.


  1. Damn rights, I'd want a flat screen on my robot too! Your robot is piimped out yo. Why would you spy on your neighbors? are they that interesting? haha

  2. Why am I not surprised by any of this? Like the idea of having it activated by your voice only, until your sister copies your voice and commands it herself.

  3. What happens if you lose your voice or your enemies cut out your tongue?