Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quick-Write: MINIONS!

If I had a group of Minions, (around 200) I would make them build a gladiatorial arena in my backyard. I would the make them fashion weapons and armor for them to use and I would create a Barracks where I could train them to fight against eachother. They could carry Pole-arms, Blades, Blunt instruments, And other various tools. I would then host the first annual "Week Of the slaughter" Where every-day for a week, I would have `Minion Gladiatorial Combat`and people could come pay to watch. We would number the Minions from 1-200 and we would have a raffle. We would draw about 20-30 names a day and the Minions that survive the combat arena get to go home. That sounds like a good idea, and I could make a little money off the Minions too!

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