Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quick-Write: 64,800 Educational Minutes

If I had to make a Pie Chart showing what I spend my time doing in class, 70% of my time is divided between meditation and day-dreaming. I put these two together because I feel that they are basically interchangeable because I do both in-class and I usually do them around the same time, which is usually when i`m being ordered to do my work by my educational master. I dunno, I feel that Day-dreaming and Meditation should be included as apart of every school-child`s day. It would help the mentally handicapped kids relax and it would help the slackers get their shut-eye. It would also benefit the kids like me who care more about fantasy than reality. The other 30% of my time would be divided between working and talking with acquaintances or random people around me.

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