Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Key Wrestling Terminology:

Here are some basic terms that any person who watches wrestling should know, or eventually will know.

Face: A Face (Commonly referred to as a baby-face) is a character who is a Hero in story-line, usually opposes a Heel character.

Heel: A Heel is a Villain in story-line who antagonizes a Face character and even other Heels.

Angle: A fictional story-line, Usually beings with one wrestler attacking another wrestler or a Conflict over a Championship.

Card: A list of matches or events that go on during the show. The last match of the night is called the "Main Event"

Finish: The planned end of the match.

Gimmick: The personality or character of a Wrestler. For example, Cm Punk's Character (picture below) has a "Drug Free" Gimmick.

Abort: To abandon a story-line before the "blow-off" (End of an angle) due to lack of interest from the fans.

Draw; 1: When there is no clear winner in a match 2: a match or a Wrestler that the fans will pay to see.

Finishing Move: A Wrestler's Signature move that usually leads to a pinfall or submission.

No-Sell: When a Wrestler shows no reaction to another wrestler's offence.

Number One Contender: The wrestler who is next in line for a championship match.

 Kayfabe: Is the portrayal of staged events as if they were true.

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