Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Reading Survey

 A Creative Writing Piece By: Brendan Bretecher
As a reader, I have grown more spiritually than anything else. I don’t read for escapism, don’t
read to further my skills or abilities, I read to further my spiritualtiy and my perspective on life. I
read to open my eyes to new view points, ideas, and even different theologies. I used to read
for pleasure, but now I read so that I can find a deeper, more meaningful way to express my
mindset and my thoughts. When I search for a book, I often look into the author’s biography,
trying to find out where the author is coming from when he/she writes the book (something I
never used to do.) I often search to see what the author’s ideology or theology is so I
understand their perspective better than if I was an outsider looking in. I rather enjoy reading
non-fiction books about someone who has an experience that was life-changing for them, an
experience that changed the way they looked at the world and how we live in society today. I
still enjoy fiction, but I would much rather read about someone’s viewpoints than read about
something made-up. 

Currently, I have been reading books on how to persuade people, books like Split-Second Persuasion have really opened my eyes to how certain people use words or actions to manipulate everyday people that we see. The book was very powerful and made me appreciate all the little things that people do in order to get what they want. I have also been reading more of my bible. I used to read it because I liked being pretentious, reading a “morally correct” book, and I also like reading it because I like being the counter-culture child, being the person who is opposite to everyone else. Nowadays, I read the Bible when I’m looking for a spiritual awakening and when I’m looking for guidance or morals that I can follow.

I have a Blackberry curve with 'questionable' access. I use the word questionable because I’m not actually too sure how much it's going to cost me to keep using the internet access on my phone. I do not have a device that I could bring to class on a daily basis. I also do not have the money to purchase one for this semester. I guess I’ll just have to stick to good ol' pen and paper!
I don't have an e-reader, if I have to read something that requires internet access, I’ll use Adobe reader on my computer. I do in fact have a twitter account, I really only use it to follow my favorite wrestlers, and that's pretty much it. I did have a blog a long time ago. I didn't really post anything of substance (usually random comic strips or video game-related posts) so I stopped using it. 

I think it would be beneficial and important for the people in this class to start using technology in the class room. This is important because in post-secondary, you have to and can use any resources that you have at your disposal to help further you in your studies and knowledge. I think overall technology is important and should be integrated into the way we learn because its presence is becoming known everywhere, especially in our society and culture.  

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